Principal Designer

“Ensuring the principles of prevention are actively promoted”

As part of the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015, you, as the client must appoint a Principal Designer.

We can undertake this role for you and be responsible for the effective coordination of health and safety during the design / pre-construction phase ensuring that the principles of prevention are actively promoted into the designs.

The process will have already started with our Project Management Team who will have determined the construction sequence. We can work with any sub contractors you already have retained, or we can use our extensive contacts to appoint the best sub-contractors for your project. We will monitor all contractors on the build, ensuring all Health and Safety compliance and quality requirements are met.

We also liaise with any providers such as utility services. The planning process will have determined when these providers need to be on site and we will schedule all works to fit with the plan, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

As Principal Designer we identify, eliminate, control and manage all risks to health and safety: –

  • All construction works
  • Maintenance and cleaning of structures
  • Using a structure designed as a workplace

Regular site meetings are conducted with all contractors and the build is monitored closely, keeping you fully informed of progress via regular reports and meetings. As your Principle Designer our role includes: –

  • Ensuring that all designers comply with their duties, that all persons working in relation to the Pre-Construction Phase co-operate with the Client, Principal Designer and each other
  • Initiating and facilitating design risk workshops to identify and eliminate risks arising from design
  • Co-ordinating and producing a design risk register showing identified risks throughout the pre-construction and construction phase, as well as highlighting residual risks inherent to any structure upon completion
  • Compiling the Pre-Construction Information on your behalf. This includes the appraisal of existing survey information such as asbestos surveysIt’s important to note that the appointment of the Principal Designer by the client must be done in writing and can’t be assumed. If the client doesn’t give this in writing, they themselves will take on the role of Principal Designer.

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