Health & Safety

“A good project manager can save you time and money”

Managing risk on a construction site is not only a regulatory requirement, it is also one of the most important aspects of what we do.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all contractors have a safe working environment, which complies with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. By employing a no-tolerance policy to rule and regulation infringements we ensure that all necessary steps are taken to keep everyone safe.

We provide a tried and tested Health & Safety management system which is employed throughout the lifecycle of the project. This leads to successful construction management and ultimately a smooth-running project that completes safely within budget at every planned stage.

It’s a priority to us to educate and explain Healthy and Safety Executive (HSE) rules and regulations to employees, contractors and vendors, together with employing industry experience to implement such standards. This applies whether it’s an established building or a new construction site.
Before work starts, we ensure that we have:-

  • Competently risk assessed all tasks to carried out
  • Considered all hazards highlighted by the risk assessment
  • Understood how to eliminate these hazards from the task safely
  • Work with the team to keep the client updated at all times

Each time a construction project is undertaken preparing the construction site effectively can prevent injury and even death. Our site preparation always includes:

  • Full site setup to ensure the site is safe
  • Issuing Health and Safety information to all contractors, employees and visitors and explaining the risks of each site on a daily basis
  • Managing and monitoring high risk activities correctly

Who we work with

Some of the UK’s biggest brands trust their projects to Wildstone Build.